sealing window frames outside, make your doors and windows more soundproof

Thu Apr 28 2022 JITAI

When everyone is decorating, the installation of doors and windows is a very simple thing. In fact, it is not. As the so-called three-point product seven-point installation, the product is the foundation, and the installation is the superstructure. Therefore, the purchase of products and installation are equally important. The following editor will talk about a few common considerations when purchasing and installing doors and windows.

1. Selection window

In order to give full play to the good performance of sound insulation and noise reduction doors and windows, the first point needs to be gradually developed from the selection of windows.

Condition: In some homes, it is very likely that when the wind is strong, the doors and windows of the home will gradually shake as a whole, which is especially terrible. If it is a high-rise residential building, the risk factor will be greatly increased.

Solution: When buying doors and windows, you can't just listen to where the customer is boasting, and you must have a set of basic knowledge about sound insulation and noise reduction doors and windows. For example, 1. The thickness of the aluminum frame should not be less than 1.4mm. 2. When ordering, check whether the doors and windows are affixed with qualified maintenance plastic films. Generally, the surface is clean and tidy. 3. Sound insulation and noise reduction doors and windows should be strictly produced and processed in accordance with my country's current standards. Buyers can report to the store for sound insulation, inspection and other qualified reports.

2. Water leakage

Condition: On rainy days, you will see the imprints of water passing over the wall of the window, and be careful to accumulate precipitation around the frame of the panoramic sunroof.

This kind of phenomenon occurs when the joints are filled with mixed mortar during the assembly operation, in other words, the sealing between the windows and the windows is not very good and the sealing strips are not qualified.

Solution: 1. Remember to avoid using mixed mortar to fill the joints. Generally, foam glue with good ductility will be used to fill the joints. 2. The concave groove under the window should have external drainage pipe holes, so as to prevent accumulation of precipitation. 3. The door and window frames should be spaced at a certain distance from the side of the hole, so that it can be used to make gentle slopes with outward water flow and prevent water from flowing backwards.

3. Sound insulation and noise reduction

Condition: The doors and windows have been installed, but noises from outside can still be heard.

Solution: 1. Pay special attention to the sealing window frames outside during installation. Most of this kind of sound insulation is based on the advantages and disadvantages of the sealing window frames outside. The sealing strip should be a closed whole, and should not be broken at the corner. . 2. The actual sound insulation effect of floor-to-ceiling balconies in general bedrooms will be relatively weak. Due to the relatively large total area, in order to better deal with these problems, a sound insulation decoration partition sliding door can be added inside, and two-level maintenance Eliminate noisy noises.

sealing window frames outside, make your doors and windows more soundproof