What is clear waterproof sealant? Where can clear waterproof sealant be used?

Thu Apr 28 2022 JITAI

Jointas Transparent Waterproof Adhesive is a polymer flexible transparent colorless exterior wall waterproof coating refined by adding special copolymer emulsion as base material, adding synthetic rubber emulsion modifier, surfactant, plasticizer, etc.

The product has good film formation, flexibility, abrasion resistance, breathability and excellent weather resistance. It can be directly painted on the base layers such as wall tiles, stone, cement concrete, etc., without peeling or pulverizing, preventing the cement from inverting alkali, effectively preventing the water seepage of the base material, and having a long service life, which provides a good solution for enhancing the durability of the wall. Reliable guarantee, it is a water-based environmental protection product.


good transparency

The coating is colorless and transparent. After coating, it will not destroy the original wall decoration effect, and will not appear yellowing, dusting, ash and other phenomena.

Figure 2 The tile finish is brighter after applying the transparent waterproof glue


good weather resistance

Heat resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and a wide range of weather resistance;


high strength

The product has good film-forming properties, strong adhesion and toughness. It can fill the small gaps in the wall.


Safety and environmental protection

The product is non-flammable, non-toxic, odorless, does not pollute the environment, and is an environmentally friendly product.


Convenient construction

Cold construction, safe operation, convenient construction, can be directly sprayed, painted, brushed, scraped on the wall.



The coating film has microporous air permeability, suitable for thermal evaporation in the humid climate of the south, and does not agitate.

1. Waterproof repair of leakage of external walls and walls of various buildings, anti-corrosion, waterproof and impermeability of inorganic materials such as wall tiles, marble, granite, cement, ceramics, and glass.

2. The new and old roof walls, old and new basements, toilets, baths, parking platforms, swimming pools, civil air defense projects are impermeable and moisture-proof, special-shaped structures, complex parts and other finishes are waterproof, mildew-proof and anti-corrosion.

1. The surface must be flat, firm, clean, free from oil, dust and other loose substances.

2. Obvious voids and blisters must be blocked with cement mortar, smoothed, and sharp edges should be removed.

3. The newly poured concrete should have a certain dry curing time to prevent the effect of concrete shrinkage.

4. The old concrete surface must be rinsed with clean water first, and then painted after drying.

The base surface is thoroughly cleaned, dry, oil-free and dust-free, cracks are repaired, and the honeycomb hemp surface is eliminated. Manual brushing is used to fully penetrate and cover.

The base surface should be dense, firm and dry, and the unevenness and cracks need to be scraped with waterproof putty. - Generally, 2-3 times of brushing is enough. The first layer of coating film should be dry and not sticky at the interval of each time, and the brushing direction should be criss-crossed, and the maximum brushing interval should not exceed 36 hours. In case of rainy and humid environment, it is not suitable for construction.

After the construction of the waterproof layer is completed, all parts of the entire project should be carefully checked, especially the gaps of the tiles. Find the problem to find out the cause and fix it in time.

1. Make sure that this product completely covers the base surface during construction, and other operations can be carried out after 24 hours of maintenance.

2. In occasions with high requirements on wear resistance, such as pedestrian passages, a hardened layer needs to be added to protect the film layer from damage.

3. Reference dosage: Under normal circumstances, 1kg of transparent waterproof glue is coated with about 4-6m2.

4. The material should be sealed and stored in a cool and ventilated place.

What is clear waterproof sealant? Where can clear waterproof sealant be used?