How does sash window sealant stick?

Fri May 20 2022 JITAI

The use method of sash window sealant is: when using sealant to fill the gap and fix the glass, the glass should be squeezed with rubber strips or rubber blocks to leave a gap for glue injection. The glue injection depth should not be less than 5mm. Done by keeping the glass free from vibration.
The card slot of doors and windows is generally 3mm, and the sash window sealant is generally at least 3.8mm for the carding part. It is easy to be firmly clamped, and the card slot and the sash window sealant must be properly matched.

The high-quality sash window sealant must maintain a certain elasticity in order to maintain the sealing effect, so the window sealing strip must not be pulled hard, but should be statically pressed into the door and window slot, and the corner should be cut into a V shape, do not cut it, and touch the door. Try to leave as much as possible at the bottom before cutting.

Extended information:
The use of sash window sealant is described as follows:
The most critical overlap between doors and windows and door leaves is generally 3-4mm, and the effective thickness of sash window sealant must be greater than the gap between the frame and leaves of doors and windows, which should be 6-7mm. Only in this way can the effectiveness of the sash window sealant be guaranteed to avoid false installations. In short, the thickness of the sash window sealant is 3-4mm larger than the gap, and the compression of 3-4mm ensures the effectiveness of the sash window sealant.
PVC door and window sealing strip - good anti-aging, even if it is used for a long time, it is economical, and there is less yellowing phenomenon, which is a representative of the wide use. When choosing, you can consider the use of different materials to see if they meet your needs and create a comfortable home experience.

Window glue construction process

Weather resistant glue.
Weather-resistant adhesive has good adhesion to most substrates, transparent products, moderate mechanical strength, and fast surface curing. Weather-resistant adhesives are widely used for joint sealing between various glass, metal, aluminum, ceramic tile, plexiglass, and coated glass.
Glass curtain wall: No matter how well the glass and glass are connected, there will still be a little gap. It is this little gap that causes the glass to collapse under the action of external force, thus causing unnecessary trouble. Then the use of weather-resistant glue can make the joints weather-resistant and sealed, and the safety system is greatly improved.

Extended information:
1. The glue is acidic. When used in large quantities, the construction site should be kept ventilated.
2. Avoid long-term skin contact with sealant. If unvulcanized rubber gets into eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water or see a doctor.
3. Do not enter, and do not allow children to touch.
4. The remaining rubber material is strictly sealed to avoid vulcanization due to contact with air.
5. It is stored and transported as non-dangerous goods, stored in a low temperature and dry place, and the shelf life is more than 6 months from the production date.

How does sash window sealant stick?